2023 NEHL Wrekenton

Anna Pigford, Houghton AC leading the senior women. North East Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, 23 Sep, 2023.

The opening round of 2023 North East Harrier League kicked off at Wrekenton and the damp conditions and intermittent showers provided competitors with some more challenging conditions than the usual sun-bleached grasslands.

Daniel Watson, North Shields Poly leads the U17 boys up the hill.
Zig zag. The senior men return to climb the hill.
Maggie Hawdon, South Shields Harriers 
First lap of the senior womens race as the main pack return across the football pitch.
Imogen Bungay, Elswick Harriers. U17/U20W 
Second time round. Bernie Gibson, Derwent Valley Running Club heads up the hills and out onto the second lap of the senior womens race.
Focused. Jessica Eaton, Tyne Bridge Harriers.
Battle to the finish. Left to right: John Rippon (Elswick Harriers), Andrew Burden (Heaton Harriers) and Thomas Wraith (Durham City Harriers & AC) 
A determined Chris Lines, Sedgefield Harriers on the finishing straight.