2022 NEHL Wrekenton

Senior women start North East Harrier League, Wrekenton, Sat, 24 Sep 2022.

The opening fixture of 2022/23 Start Fitness North East Harrier League season at Wrekenton saw over 1,350 athletes competing across the 10-race programme including more than 100 under 11's.

For some competitors this was their first foray into cross country and the undulating course gives a taste of what to expect, but without the cold and mud that prevails in the later months.

Katie Iliffe, Durham City Harriers, opening up the lead on the opening lap of the senior women. 
Strong finish from Jim Allan, Alnwick Harriers, Senior Men
Aoife Bell, Gateshead Harriers, U17 Girls
Sophie Reynolds, Jesmond Joggers, showing good downhill form on the opening lap of the senior women's race.
Mitchel Marshall, Durham City Harriers crests the hill during the senior mens race.
Morag Stead, Morpeth Harriers chases Eva Hardie, Houghton AC, up the the first hill during the senior women's race.