NECCL Hedley Farm

NECCL Hedley West Farm 2019

In Cyclingby Stuart Whitman

Round 5 of the North East Cyclo-Cross League hosted by Muckle CC at Hedley West Farm. One of my favourite courses which in previous years has included a water splash in the far corner of the field but due to the amount of rain there was a revised course layout which incorporated some new routes through the woods.

NECCL Hedley West Farm Photo Gallery (310 images)

NECCL Hedley West Farm
it started how it finished…muddy. Opening lap through the field at Hedley West Farm
2 cyclocross riders picking a line along a muddy track in the woods
Michael Kebell (Pedalling Squares) and Mark Robinson (Cestria) choose their lines on one of the slippy woodland track descents
Kate Sanderson cyclocross riding in the mud at NECCL
Kate Sanderson (Cleveland Wheelers)
Geoff Turner looking for grass on a muddy track
Geoff Turner (Barnesbury CC) hugging the grass verge on the outside of the woods
Brian Laycock MTS Cyclesport
Brian Laycock out in MTS Cyclesport colours digging deep
Jon Bayley Reifen Racing
Jon Bayley (Reifen Racing) picking his line on the drop out of the woods
Nicola McCoy of Muckle CC
Nicola McCoy (Muckle CC) showing how her true race face
David Swainson of Derwentside CC cyclocross riding in the woods
No respite for David Swainson (Derwentside CC)
Gerry Kowland racing cyclocross for MTS Cyclesport
Kerry Gowland (MTS Cyclesport) focused and determined
Cyclocross racer in the woods at North East CycloCross League
Jon Bayley (Reifen Racing) zig zagging through the woods
Pedalling Squares cyclocross racer dropping down into the dip at Hedley West Farm
A Pedalling Squares cyclocross racer drops down into the dip at Hedley West Farm
Matty Smith of Muckle CC pushes his bike to the finish of the NECCL Hedley West Farm
Matty Smith (Muckle CC) with a mechanical pushes his bike to the finish of the race