CXNE cyclocross Gateshead Stadium

CXNE Gateshead Stadium 2019

In Cycling by Stuart Whitman

Round 5 of the CXNE at Gateshead Stadium proved to be a muddy affair after the recent rainfall. I always think of the area around the stadium as being fairly flat but the ground has large off camber sections and and steep man-made hills.

CXNE Gateshead Stadium Photo Gallery (138 images)

Heather Huntley cleaning cyclocross bikes in a muddy pit area near Gateshead Stadium
Heather Huntley on pressure washer duty in the pits at a very muddy Gateshead course
First lap of the seniors cyclocross race on a muddy off camber section at CXNE Gateshead
Riders on the off camber section on the first lap
Malcolm Lewis of Reifen Racing cyclocross bike
Malcolm Lewis (Reifen Racing) at speed across one of the flatter sections
Josh Ferguson of SCOTT Racing leads on a muddy downhill section of CXNE cyclocross course
Josh Ferguson (SCOTT Racing) out in front during the seniors race
Paul Maven of Infinity Cycles cyclocross team look across to the sharp climb ahead
Paul Maven (Infinity Cycles) looks across to the sharp climb which lies ahead
Ian Lee of RAF Cycling climbing a muddy hill on cyclocross bike
Ian Lee (RAF Cycling)
Adam Cooke of Reifen Racing cyclocross
Adam Cooke (Reifen Racing)
A very steep muddy bank with CXNE cyclocross riders shouldering their bikes up the climb
It was grass in the morning…
Tony Fawcett (SCOTT Racing)
Tony Fawcett (SCOTT Racing)
TJ Naddah (NTR) cyclocross racing
TJ (NTR) enjoyed his muddy cyclocross outing at Gateshead
Tony Fawcett (SCOTT Racing) shouldering up the climb
The wall.