2021 NEHL Druridge Bay

Opening lap of the senior mens race at Druridge Bay Harrier League 2021.

After the hot and humid conditions at Wrekenton the runners were greeted by more warm and sunny conditions but with more manageable temperatures for October.

The course was modified from previous events due to very uneven ground in the start/finish and tent area with a new trail section in an adjacent field towards the end of the lap.

Maggie Handyside, Gosforth Harriers. After a 4 girl tumble at the start of the U11’s race Maggie lost her shoe. She then picked herself up, put in a strong and determined run and finished 20 / 56 and first Gosforth Harrier.
Vikki Cotton (Sunderland Harriers) passes Amy Johnson (Tyne Bridge Harriers) to take another place on the final corner of the womens race.